Welcome to the website of SoundByte Studio in Rijnsburg (Holland).
Our main activity is recording of all types of solists and musical groups, bands for instance. Besides that, we deliver other kinds of audio services; see 'What we do'.
SoundByte Studio is aimed mainly at soloists, bands and smaller musical groups and works mainly in the weekends, with sometimes an overdub or a mix on a weekday. The resulting recording can be taken in any form. There is no hourly fee but a fixed, earlier agreed on price per song or project, resulting in no time pressure on technician and musicians; the recording is finished when everyone agrees it is (within reason ofcourse). Click on 'Equipment' for information about the equipment and facilities we use, and for a list of bands already recorded, click on 'Portfolio'.
 Tascam DM-3200 Mixer/interface

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